Digital Loans

Lending Model Approved by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

Platform which conducts transactions between business to consumers only.
Platform which conducts transactions between business to business only.
Platform which conducts transactions between consumers to other consumers only.

Payment Processing

We enable Digital Loans platforms with the ability to offer to users two types of payment options: to accept local bank transfers and facilitate disbursements to relevant third parties in Indonesia. Xfers Business Solutions provide a versatile set of building blocks to support Digital Loans platforms’ typical payment requirements.

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Platform Escrow Feature

One of the most significant functions of Digital Loans platforms is the ability to play the role of a trusted middleman. This Platform Escrow feature allows you to fully customize your platform’s escrow needs. Payments will be settled into your Xfers e-wallet, after which you can program and customize when you would like to release the payment to the intended recipients based on your business logic.

Routing Payments

One of the biggest challenges for Crowdfunding platforms is handling the complexity of managing disbursements to multiple intended recipients on an automated basis.

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Xfers Business Solutions allow full control of how you would like to disburse. Be it splitting of a single payment, routing to multiple recipients, or customizing the business logic before paying the intended recipients, your business will be empowered with the ability to get recipients paid faster whilst reducing administrative overheads such as handling reconciliation issues. Whether it is a business where you are catering one to one, one to many or many to many, Xfers Business Solutions support virtually any business model in Indonesia.

Protection and Security

We take great care, in ensuring strict legal and regulatory compliance, adherence to customer due diligence requirements and screening processes, and adopt industry best practices for our E-Wallet facilities to protect and secure businesses and users from theft and fraud.

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