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We built a completely new payment infrastructure. Replacing legacy providers and high cost associated with credit card processing, we offer emerging and high growth businesses an alternative form of payments familiar to the Southeast Asia region - bank transfer payments. For clients, this means more buyers, more localization and higher revenue. 
Collect online payments from anyone with just a link. 
Xfers Checkout (Redirect/Direct) 
Accept payments on Xfers' user experience or customize your own users' payments experience.
Xfers Plus
Integrated payments in your marketplace and apps. 
Xfers Developer APIs

A unified bank transfer and credit card payment checkout flow 

An illustration of Xfers Checkout (Redirect) powering Airpaz
Xfers makes it easy to accept payments on your e-commerce websites. 

Integrate our ready-to-go plugins into your website with just a few clicks! 

A seamless user checkout experience with Xfers Direct 

Xfers Direct gives you full control of your users' checkout experience without being redirected to us. Your user starts and end their checkout process on your website so your customer would have to leave your platform or website. 

Xfers Tokenize API documentation and SDKs are available for easy integration. 

Integrated bi-directional payment solution for your marketplace platform 

With Xfers Plus, you can link your users' Xfers accounts to your marketplace platforms and web/mobile applications so that your users can both pay and receive payments directly from your marketplace. It's your marketplace and your user experience, powered by Xfers. 

Scalable, secure and seamless. 

Powering high growth for all types of online businesses 

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