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How does Xfers Core API work? 

Growing your business and scaling bank transfer transactions?

With Xfers API, bid goodbye to manual verification and reconciliation of bank transfers. Save business hours spent on manually reconciling your bank transfer payments. Xfers API automates internet bank transfers payments in real-time so you don't have to! 

Xfers API Offering

How payments are processed On e-commerce or online retailers' websites, redirected to Xfers payments flow. On merchant's website and platforms. Encrypted and tokenized payment checkout. Through managed accounts.
Customizable payment experience.
Payment Flow Hosted and provided by Xfers Integrated into merchant's web applications Integrated into merchant's marketplace and platforms (web/mobile).
Development Integration Low. E-commerce plugins and SDKs available. Medium. SDKs and Xfers Tokenize API Docs are available. High. SDKs and Connect & Core API Docs are available.
Setup Fee Free Free Free
Fee per Transaction per Transaction per Transaction
Clients (e.g.) Airpaz, Ministry of Adventure Dressabelle Trezo (SPH), Kapitalboost
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Clients powered by Xfers API

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An unified bank transfer and credit card payment checkout flow

An illustration of Xfers Redirect powering Airpaz
Spend less time developing and managing your own payment solutions. Jumpstart your Xfers integration with e-commerce plugins. 

With Xfers Checkout (Redirect), you can enable both bank transfer payments and credit card payments on your online store. We take care of the hard development work, so you can focus on improving what really matters for your business - driving sales and increasing revenue. 

Tokenized, integrated payment flow with Xfers Checkout 

Not big on having a redirected payment checkout flow?  Xfers Checkout (Direct) takes care of encryption and payment compliance while giving you the ability to control your users' payment experience through tokenization. 

No more redirected payment flow. All payments can start and end on your website so your customer would never have to leave your platform or website. 

Payments solution for marketplaces and platforms 

Do you need a solution to pay sellers and contractors on your marketplace platform? With Xfers Plus, you can manage account, spin up accounts and enable payments for your sellers on your platform. 

It's scalable, compliant and secure. With a holistic in-app direct payment solution, users on your platform can experience a smooth flow on the mobile marketplace platform.

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