XSGD now listed on Liquid Exchange!

Aymeric Salley
December 11, 2020

We are thrilled to share that XSGD is now listed on Liquid Exchange with the XSGD/SGD pair.

Starting today, users will be able to deposit XSGD onto Liquid Exchange and get access to over 150 market pairs through the interoperability of XSGD and SGD on Liquid Exchange.

Liquid is a leading global fintech company founded in 2014, with offices in Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. Liquid was the first exchange licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency in 2017, and in 2019 the exchange’s yearly trading volume exceeded 60bn USD.

“Our goal to partner with locally regulated stablecoin issuers in various jurisdictions is realised by listing XSGD. Users can easily and quickly deposit their SGD to Xfers, convert to the XSGD stablecoin, realize the power of blockchain by sending to Liquid, and start trading 150+ pairs at Liquid immediately.” — Marisa McKnight, Head of Product, Liquid.

Getting the XSGD stablecoin

As a verified Xfers user, you can follow this guide on how to get XSGD from the Xfers platform.

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Liquid Buy & Swap - Live with XSGD

Alternatively, you can also trade and purchase the XSGD stablecoin directly on Liquid Exchange or on Liquid Buy and Swap, where Visa cards are accepted globally.

For more information on the XSGD stablecoin, you can head to our stablecoin page or to our FAQ here.

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Aymeric Salley
Head of StraitsX

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