Our vision is to create the trusted, digital financial ecosystem in South-East Asia

We aim to enable and accelerate Fintech and digital businesses in providing equal financial opportunities to everyone in South-East Asia

Who We Are

At Xfers, we believe in financial inclusion. As South-East Asia stands on the cusp of being an economic powerhouse in the coming years, there is a need to enable many individuals to step out of their marginalized financial environments. In empowering a speedier entry by digital financial service providers into these markets, we aim to bring equal financial opportunities to all, in the hope of alleviating financial hardship.

We strive for a place where everyone should be able to reach out to trusted digital financial service providers with ease and convenience. However, establishing a business of any scale with a transparent and secure regulatory-compliant payment infrastructure can be challenging, complex and time-consuming. By enabling and accelerating the setting up of digital financial businesses in this region through the Xfers API platform, these businesses will now be able to focus on their core function of providing financial services, in the shortest possible time, even in the most remote places, and all individuals will be able to access these services towards financial betterment.

Xfers has secured and processed more than USD 600 million worth of bank transfers and credit card payments for over 250,000 users on our Xfers payment platform across Singapore and Indonesia.

Since our founding in 2015, we have built a multicultural and multidisciplinary team across Singapore and Indonesia to understand our rapidly-evolving region. This has allowed us to remain highly adaptable in working across borders to develop products and solutions for market localization in order to better serve businesses and users in South-East Asia.