How to Accept Internet Banking Payments on WooCommerce? (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2-part tutorial. The first part of my tutorial focused on setting up a WordPress website, installing the WooCommerce shopping cart and hosting it on AWS. The tutorial can be found here.

I will be walking through the steps on how we can install Xfers WooCommerce plugin to enable your online shop to accept internet banking payments. Please ensure that your website is built on WordPress and that you have WooCommerce installed, otherwise please refer to my earlier tutorial above.

Step 1 : Set up your free Xfers account

Xfers ( enables online merchants to receive payments from their customers via Internet Banking transfer in an automated and secure manner. Xfers automates and increases the scalability and efficiency of our merchants by leveraging on the current free-to-use FAST bank transfer network.

Click on this link to sign up for a merchant account on Xfers. Select Merchant Account.

Once you have signed up successfully, you will be directed to your dashboard page where you can view all your incoming or outgoing transactions.

Step 2 : Retrieve your API and Secret key from your Xfers Merchant account

In the dashboard from the menu on the left, Go to Settings> Account Particulars and copy your API key and API Secret at the bottom.

Step 3 : Download and Install Xfers WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress

The Xfers WooCommerce plugin is free and can be downloaded here.

Next, go to your WordPress website. On the left menu, select Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin to upload the Xfers plugin.

Wordpress Plugin Install

Select the Xfers plugin zip file which you downloaded from the link above and click “Install Now”.

Activate Plugin

If Successful, you will see this page. Click “Activate Plugin”.

Successful Plugin Install

Step 4 : Set Xfers as your method of accepting payments on WooCommerce

From the menu on the left of your WordPress admin page, SelectWooCommerce>Settings
Next, click on the Checkout tab on the top and select Xfers as a payment checkout option for your website.

Checkout Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Settings for Xfers.

Payment Gateway

Next, fill in your Merchant account particulars and the click SAVE.

Xfers Payment Gateway
Using a fake Merchant Account to test the checkout process.

Note: If you would like to test the payment plugin before setting it live, you can do so by creating a sandbox Merchant account here and then in the Payment URL box, use instead of the other URL.
For the API Key and Secret, you should also use the sandbox account API Key and Secret.

Step 5 : Testing the Checkout process

Now that we have configured the Xfers plugin, lets try checking out with Xfers on our online shop.

Lets add an item to my cart and then click View cart.

Next, continue to Checkout.

Woocommerce Checkout

Lastly, select Xfers as the checkout option.

Pay with Xfers Button

And there we are done! We can now accept hassle-free internet banking payments via Xfers!


I hope this tutorial is useful for any ECommerce shops to start accepting internet banking payments. Happy Selling!