Introducing Payment Link: Collect Payments in a Minute

Today, we are excited to announce the private beta launch of Xfers Payment Link. A simple interface for the Xfers API that allows you to start collecting internet banking payments in less than a minute through a URL.

At Xfers, we believe that Internet Banking payments should be a painless process for both consumers and merchants. With Payment Link, merchants can collect payments from their customers easily.

Xfers will notify you when someone has paid you, along with an inventory tracking system. This means that you don’t have to login to your bank account to do a manual match and figure out who has paid you.

All you need is a Singapore registered phone number and a Singapore bank account.

Once you are signed up with Xfers, you can create a Payment Link in two clicks. Simply enter a description along with an amount and we will generate a unique payment link that you can share with anyone.

When someone clicks on a Payment Link, they are guided through the process of making a bank transfer payment. From there onwards, Xfers will aid in the entire life cycle of a transaction, from notifying both parties that a payment has been made, to assisting both parties in disputes and refund settlements.

You can use Payment Link for pretty much anything. Are you collecting payments for an event? Share the Payment Link on Facebook. Want to collect payments after giving tuition? Send out a Payment Link via email.

Some of our early customers have been using Xfers Payment Link to prevent a no-show for cash-on-delivery meet ups, or requesting sellers to collect payments via Xfers PayLinks for a more secured way of transacting online.

We can’t wait to see what you will do with it, so head down now to learn more about Payment Link.