Monetary Assocation of Singapore FinTech MASh-Up

The team at Xfers was recently invited to MAS’s inaugural FinTech MASh-up, a networking event for venture capital firms, financial institutions and FinTech startups. After a hard day’s work, we gathered at MAS to mingle and keep up with fintech professionals and the awesome people from the MAS FinTech and Innovation Group (“FTIG”).

It was the first FinTech MASh-up event hosted by MAS and it did not disappoint. We were served with a buffet spread of delicious bites over industry conversations. Think eclairs, lobsters and never ending supply of wine. We spent the evening chatting with professionals working in financial institutions, venture capitalists and even the good folks of MAS. We discussed the challenges of financial regulations in Singapore. Conversations and fintech knowledge were exchanged over savoury plates of food and wine.

Considering it was the first FinTech MASh-up event hosted by MAS, it imbued good vibes and easy going charm. MAS’s FTIGH was open to startups and financial institutions’ suggestions over its existing financial regulations.

We hope to attend more of such events.