How Trezo Powered Their In-App Bank Transfer Payments

Trezo is a C2C Mobile Marketplace by Singapore Press Holdings. It aims to be a classified list: a treasure trove of new and old items for users to browse, buy and sell on their platform.

Xfers makes it easy for Trezo to enable its users to buy and sell on their app. Most C2C marketplaces offer cash on delivery as their main payment mode. However, Trezo steps up their game by providing an in-app e-wallet for its users.


Problem: Unsecured payments methods

Mobile commerce (M-commerce) transactions are steadily on the rise, but payment methods in C2C marketplaces are sparse and few in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Users on mobile marketplaces often pay other users via internet bank transfers or cash on delivery. Such third party payment modes are insecure and makes buyers vulnerable to marketplace and online scams from fraud sellers.

From its inception, Trezo recognised a need for an in-app payment solution that would allow mobile commerce transactions between its buyers and sellers to happen seamlessly and easily. Even so, building an integrated payment solution for their mobile marketplace requires immense developmental resources. Additionally, operating an e-wallet and holding stored monetary value on behalf of its users would cause Trezo to incur additional legal obligations (under Singapore law) as a “Stored Value Facility”. These were additional costs that Trezo and SPH were not prepared to take on.


The solution: Xfers Plus

Trezo currently leverages on Xfers Plus to offer a custom and seamless payment experience for its users. With Xfers Plus, Trezo is able to provide its users with an in-app wallet balance, which users can top-up using FAST internet bank transfers. From their in-app wallet balance, users can send money to each other easily for purchases. Purchases can also be made via credit card payments.

Trezo Xfers App
Trezo Xfers App
An example of the in-app wallet experience.

Xfers also supports a transaction-based bank transfer payment process. Instead of Trezo users topping up their wallet to make a purchase for an item, the transaction-based Xfers Connect allows them to make a bank transfer payment and purchase in-app.

Transaction Based Wallet Flow
Example of how the transaction-based payment process works on Trezo mobile application


Countless hours of labour and time saved with automated bank transfer payments solution

By leveraging on Xfers Plus, the Trezo team can devote their operational resources to improving user experience and customer happiness.

In short, the benefits of an integrated Xfers Plus solution are:

  • Online payment security measures in place for its users
  • Save programming and development time, costs and resources
  • Save accounting time and costs from having to manually verify each bank transfer payments
  • Save legal resources and spendings required to comply with MAS regulations

With a holistic in-app payment solution, Trezo users can experience a smooth browsing, buying and selling experience on the mobile marketplace platform.

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