Upgrading In The Works

Starting today, Wednesday 9th November 2016, Xfers will have a new client bank account.

Over the last year, thousands of users like you have completed transactions on our payments platform. As part of our move to better serve your needs, we will be shifting from our previous OCBC Client Account to our new Maybank Client Account. This move would allow us to better serve our existing user needs and to ensure that our system will scale for our future users and merchants. We’d like to thank all our users for your continuous feedback and support.

We would recommend you to remove the existing OCBC Bank Account details you hold in your records and change your details to ensure future transactions are sent to the new Maybank account.


Update 16/06/17: This Maybank account is suspended and no longer working. Please read our recent update. 

For our current users, your existing funds in your Xfers account will be transferred internally and will be available for use as per normal.

What’s new at Xfers? ?

We are revamping and improving our payment services and platform for you. Here are some changes to be expected:

  • We have revamped our withdrawal confirmation experience. Previously, whenever you have requested for a withdrawal on your Xfers account, you would be prompted with a email seeking for your confirmation. We changed the experience such that you would no longer have to confirm each and very withdrawal request on your Xfers account. You would only be required to confirm the withdrawal email request for the first time.
  • New Revamp of Xfers Payment Link;
  • Upcoming changes and upgrades to our KYC user process;

We are looking forward to seeing how we can better serve our growing users and merchants needs. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]