How To Create An Online Store On Facebook

How do you start selling online? It’s now becoming commonplace for consumers to shop on mobile commerce sites such as Facebook and Facebook Groups. With the recent¬†launch of Facebook Marketplaces, businesses and small-time sellers are attempting to find ways to drive sales through social media channels and messaging apps. Consumers and buyers ask questions on Facebook comments and chats, expecting a personalised experience from the sellers.

Even so, payments options for mobile commerce and conversational commerce are limited. Xfers Payment Link sits at the core of such conversational commerce. With Xfers Payment Link, businesses and sellers can send a link to its customers through their Facebook page. The customer then makes secured payments via credit card or bank transfer payment on Xfers.

Step 1: Create An Online Storefront on Facebook

Facebook Online Store

Here’s an example of a local e-commerce shop-front on Facebook Page. Consumers can surf on your Facebook page and like your posts.

If you don’t have a shop front on your Facebook Page, you can add a Shop Tab (at the left sidebar) On Your Facebook Page.

Add Products on Facebook Store

Step 2: Create a Payment Link on Xfers

Start adding the products you are selling or wish to sell. Sign in to your Xfers account and create a Payment Link. If you have already created a Payment Link Listing on your Xfers account, you can copy the link.

Paste your created Payment Links on your Facebook description.

Edit Facebook Description

And voila, you are done and all set to start collecting payments on your Facebook Pages. Start creating more listings to make your Facebook Page storefront more attractive.