How Airfrov Scales Bank Transfer Payments Regionally

Airfrov is a platform that enables buyers to tap on the burgeoning travellers network to get their favourite brands and unique items, from all over the world. How it works: User posts on Airfrov the item they want, the country where the item is available and quote the price they are willing to pay for it. The traveller accepts the request, purchases the item and delivers it to the buyer when they are back in Singapore.

Challenge: Expansion into Indonesia results in growing number of bank transfer payments

As Airfrov has set its sights on the Indonesian e-commerce market, it required a payment method that could best serve the behaviour of its new customer base. Bank transfer payment is the most common form of payment methods in Indonesia. Even then, most bank transfer payments are manually matched by operations and administrative staff. The increasing volume of independent bank transfer transactions would make it difficult for Airfrov to keep track of all transactions on a day to day basis. Hence, it was crucial for Airfrov to automate the process of bank transfer payments in order to scale locally and regionally.

Solution: Xfers Plus

Xfers offers Airfrov an alternative payment platform which is scalable and on a real-time basis. It automates the process of identifying each bank transfer payments and eliminates the tedious job of manually matching each bank transfer payment to a transaction.

In search of an efficient and localized solution, the Airfrov team decided to use Xfers for their Indonesian expansion.

How Xfers Plus Works On Airfrov Indonesia

Step 1: Traveller makes an offer

Step 2: Shopper accepts offer and tops up Airfrov wallet to make payment

Go to “More” on the bottom panel and click on “Airfrov Wallet”

Next, enter the phone number to receive a unique OTP.

Airfrov Flow 3

Click “Top Up Dana” and put in the required amount.

Airfrov Flow 4

Follow the instructions and transfer the funds.

Click “Refresh” and the funds are reflected in the wallet.

Airfrov Flow 6

Step 3: Users are able to withdraw the funds from their Airfrov wallet to their bank accounts

Airfrov Flow 7

Benefits of Xfers Plus for Airfrov

  • Automated transaction management via our APIs
  • Customized user interface and user experience
  • Real time payment confirmation