How Airpaz Saved $2400 A Month And Enabled Low Cost Flight Fare

Airpaz compares and discovers cheap and low-cost flights in Southeast Asia. It aims to be a one-stop portal for cheap domestic and international flights. Xfers allows Airpaz to offer bank transfer as an alternative and low cost payment method for its buyers.

Problem: High credit card fees

As a low-cost flight portal, minimising costs is crucial for their business operations. Conventional payment methods such as credit card are often expensive and high-cost. Most ticketing portals pass on the credit card processing fee of 3.9% + SGD 0.50 to its consumers. The added credit card convenience fee increases the total cost of buying an airline ticket.

Airpaz needed a low-cost payment option and alternative for its buyers. With Xfers, buyers can pay for their tickets via bank transfer on Airpaz platform. Consequently, Airpaz can eliminate the tedious job of manually matching each bank transfer payment to an transaction.

The solution: Xfers Redirect

Airpaz utilizes Xfers Redirect API on their e-commerce site.

Airpaz Low Cost
Airpaz Low Cost UX

On their website, Airpaz users book the flights timing and dates, select Xfers Bank Transfer as a payment option and are redirected to Xfers Checkout flow. Airpaz buyers would complete the purchase by inputing their phone number to receive an SMS OTP.

Buyers would have to make a FAST bank transfer from their own internet banking account (via their bank’s mobile app or Internet banking portal) to complete their purchase.

By default, buyers have 48 hours to complete their bank transfer payments. As low-cost flight tickets tend to be time sensitive, Xfers have configured Airpaz’s payment period to 2 hours.

Credit card fees saved with automated bank transfer payments solution

By leveraging on Xfers Redirect, the Airpaz team can enable lower-cost options for its buyers looking for cheaper airline tickets.

In short, the benefits of Xfers Redirect for Airpaz:

  • Automated transaction management
  • Faster integration via Xfers Plugins
  • Payment reminders and automatic transaction expiration when payment are not made during the 2 hours time frame
  • Real time payment confirmations via Email or SMS

Learn how you can save more than $2400 a month on your transaction fees

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