Merchant feature: Eezee, a one-stop industrial supplies marketplace

At Xfers, we believe in making it easy for anyone, including you, to collect payments and disburse money seamlessly. Xfers integrates secured payment solutions onto your digital marketplace to facilitate the transactions and offering your customers the ability to pay with bank transfer or credit card.


Eezee shares a similar vision by providing a single platform for businesses to procure industrial supplies, reducing the time and hassle needed to procure from multiple sources. Tagging themselves “Amazon for Businesses”, Eezee provides a platform exclusively for businesses in Singapore to transact smoothly with one another. Unlike traditional means of procurement, Eezee allows procurement officers to view prices and specifications side by side, and produce instant quotations with just a click of a button.


Eezee also cuts through multiple layers of middleman by listing items directly from the manufacturers. By doing so, some products on Eezee can be seen with prices reduced by an average of 10-20%, or even up to 40% for some products. The ability to receive your item within 2-3 days from quotation date is also what sets Eezee apart.


Eezee team interview

“You can pick the cheapest product that suits your specifications and make the decision on the site itself,” assures Logan Tan Jun An, CEO of Eezee.


“A lot of companies in our industry are very comfortable in their position,” shares Terence Goh Shuo Fu, CMO of Eezee. While the young co-founders admit that changing human behaviour is tough, they believe that the need for efficiency and convenience will ultimately win. Especially so when this is an age old industry that continues to use faxes, paper records and traditional means of liaison


Formerly a business development officer, Logan recalls a time when his boss told him to purchase an item online for triple the market price. He thought to himself it would have been so much cheaper if he had gone out to buy that item at a hardware store. However, many companies are purchasing online simply due to the convenience sake. Like what he said then: People are willing to pay for convenience. However, due to the low adoption of technology in the industrial supplies industry online prices are higher than in-store. Logan sees this as the perfect opportunity to disrupt and change things.


“It doesn’t make sense that our procurement is so backdated. Singapore has been in the commerce industry for the past few hundred years and there’s not much innovation,” says Terrence.


In a rapidly moving economy, traditional means of procurement are considered slow and inefficient. Eezee allows for greater efficiency and time saved, simplifying the procurement process and finally bringing the procurement industry into the digital age.


Choosing Xfers

In line with their mantra of making procurements easy, integrating a seamless and flexible payment gateway to streamline business transactions online is imperative to their business model. “This is why Eezee have partnered up with Xfers to provide the best possible procurement experience for our users” said Logan.


Eezee is now offering 3% discount on all purchases when you pay with Xfers, Eezee’s preferred payment merchant.