Xfers Business Solutions are designed specially to cater to the two typical types of relationships E-Commerce Platforms have with their customers:

Purchases which require little to no set-up and may be performed on-demand. Generally used by businesses with short-term customers.
Users can pre-load a wallet, keeping cash on the platform for instantaneous purchases at a later time. Generally used by businesses with long-term/recurring users.

Payment Processing

We enable Marketplace platforms with the ability to offer to users two types of payment options: to accept local bank transfers and credit card payments, and facilitate disbursements to relevant third parties in Singapore. Xfers Business Solutions provide a versatile set of building blocks to support Marketplace platforms’ typical payment requirements.

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Transaction Payment Option
We provide both bank transfer and credit card payment options. The bank transfer payment option, with its lower fees, allows you to minimise the cost of payment processing, and potentially pass the savings to your users.
E-Wallet Payment Option
An E-Wallet provides users with the power to fund multiple purchases with a single transaction, cutting down the hassle of multiple payments for multiple products, hastening checkout times.

Automated Reconciliation

Xfers utilises a sophisticated automated reconciliation system, allowing you to track and export all collected data in a single .csv file. Data collected for reconciliation includes:

 Bank Transfer Payments  Payment Processing  Transaction History  Inventory

Integration Options


The Xfers SDK makes it easy to build an excellent payment experience in your app. It provides powerful, customizable, UI elements to use out-of-the-box to collect your users' payment details.
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Use our suite of APIs to customize your platform’s payment UX.
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