Accept bank transfers and store funds with the ease of instant reconciliation

Introduce virtual accounts to your customers. Automatically know by whom and when a transfer is received.

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Xfers Accept

Receive bank transfers as payments
without the administrative hassle for your team.

  • Instantly create Virtual Account numbers

    Using our API, enjoy the freedom to create unique virtual account numbers and assign them to each of your payers.

  • Save time and manpower cost

    With every incoming transfer automatically associated with each virtual account numbers, say goodbye to having to manually identify these to each payers or transaction.

  • Better customer experience

    Assign a unique virtual account number to each of your customer, remove the need for your customers to indicate an identifier during transfers.

Xfers Wallet

Safely store your customers’ funds directly with us.

Approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for the provision of e-money issuance services,
Xfers is able to hold your customers’ funds in Singapore - for both individual and business entities.

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