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Xfers Airpaz

How Airpaz Enabled Low Cost Flight Fare

Airpaz compares and discovers cheap and low-cost flights in Southeast Asia. It aims to be a one-stop portal for cheap domestic and international flights. Xfers allows Airpaz to offer bank transfer as an alternative and low cost payment method for its buyers. Problem: High credit card fees As a low-cost flight portal, minimising costs is […]
Xfas SG Xfers Faspay

Announcing Xfas Launch In Indonesia

Today, we are excited to announce the unveiling of XFAS in Indonesia! Built by XFERS and FASPAY, Indonesian-based payment service provider, XFAS is a social commerce payment solution that streamlines the process of collecting online bank transfers payments. We debuted the beta solution of XFAS at the Indonesia Fintech Festival and Conference 2016, a joint […]
Xfers Airfrov

How Airfrov Scales Bank Transfer Payments Regionally

Airfrov is a platform that enables buyers to tap on the burgeoning travellers network to get their favourite brands and unique items, from all over the world. How it works: User posts on Airfrov the item they want, the country where the item is available and quote the price they are willing to pay for it. […]
Online Facebook Store

How To Create An Online Store On Facebook

How do you start selling online? It’s now becoming commonplace for consumers to shop on mobile commerce sites such as Facebook and Facebook Groups. With the recent launch of Facebook Marketplaces, businesses and small-time sellers are attempting to find ways to drive sales through social media channels and messaging apps. Consumers and buyers asks questions on […]

Upgrading In The Works

Starting today, Wednesday 9th November 2016, Xfers will have a new client bank account. Over the last year, thousands of users like you have completed transactions on our payments platform. As part of our move to better serve your needs, we will be shifting from our previous OCBC Client Account to our new Maybank Client Account. This move would […]