Your guide to payment solutions

Avoid Scammer Online

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed Online?

A typical hacker’s scam: Imagine this: a close friend or relative approaches you suddenly on Facebook. He is facing some problems and he needs you to transfer some money into a specific bank account urgently. Your very first reaction would be to help that person out. Who wouldn’t help a friend in need? For example: […]
Manage Payments On Dashboard

Introducing Payment Link, Collect Payments in a Minute

Today, we are excited to announce the private beta launch of Xfers Payment Link. A simple interface for the Xfers API that allows you to start collecting internet banking payments in less than a minute through a URL. At Xfers, we believe that Internet Banking payments should be a painless process for both consumers and […]
Wordpress Commerce

How To Setup Blog Shop In 8 Simple Steps (Part 1)

Traditionally, hosting a WordPress website requires one to look for a hosting service and set up MYSQL which can require a lot of technical effort. Often, blogshop owners want to hit the ground running with their website without worrying about the backend operations. This tutorial is intended for those with little to no technical background […]
Local Banks Transfer Accept FAST

Xfers supports Internet Banking Payment via FAST in Singapore

We are really excited to announce that as of 14th April 2014, Xfers allows users to accept and make payments from any of the 14 major banks in Singapore. You can now make use of Xfers as your one stop payment solution if you are an existing customer of any of the following banks in […]
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