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Xfers Payment SDK

Introducing Xfers SDKs

Starting today, startups and companies looking for a one-stop solution for credit card and bank transfer payments can integrate Xfers APIs easily with our newly created Xfers SDKs. Xfers SDKs is the easiest way to integrate payments into your own website and stores. Integrate payment collection into your own applications Having to verify each and […]
MAS Fintech 2016

Monetary Assocation of Singapore FinTech MASh-Up

The team at Xfers was recently invited to MAS’s inaugural FinTech MASh-up, a networking event for venture capital firms, financial institutions and FinTech startups. After a hard day’s work, we gathered at MAS to mingle and keep up with fintech professionals and the awesome people from the MAS FinTech and Innovation Group (“FTIG”). It was […]
Avoid Scammer Online

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed Online?

A typical hacker’s scam: Imagine this: a close friend or relative approaches you suddenly on Facebook. He is facing some problems and he needs you to transfer some money into a specific bank account urgently. Your very first reaction would be to help that person out. Who wouldn’t help a friend in need? For example: […]
Manage Payments On Dashboard

Introducing Payment Link, Collect Payments in a Minute

Today, we are excited to announce the private beta launch of Xfers Payment Link. A simple interface for the Xfers API that allows you to start collecting internet banking payments in less than a minute through a URL. At Xfers, we believe that Internet Banking payments should be a painless process for both consumers and […]