Buyer Protection Policy

At XFERS, we strive to provide a safe and seamless online paying experience for you.

How will you be protected? 

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1) You did not receive your item. 
2) You received an item that is defective, damaged
or significantly not as described by the Seller.
1. You should first contact the Seller directly to settle any refund or return issues before contacting us. If the issue remains unresolved, we may step in to help.

2. In the case where we do not hear from the Seller within a specified time, we may proceed to assess your application without further notice to the Seller.

3. In the likely event where we find that there is a fault on the Seller’s part (e.g. non-delivery of the purchased items), we may reverse your payment from the Seller’s account back into your account. We may also suspend the Seller’s account.
For more inquiries on how our Buyer Protection Policy works, send us a ticket here.
1) Contact sellers within 7 days
You must have first contacted the Seller within 7 days of receiving the unsatisfactory item(s). 
2) For cases of non-delivery, contact sellers as soon as possible.
For cases of non-delivery, where you have not received your item(s) after 7 days of payment, contact the Seller as soon as possible and provide the Seller 5 days to address the issue.

3) Respond to requests for documentation promptly
You must respond to our requests for documentation and other information promptly, such as receipts, correspondence records with the Seller, or anything else that we specify.
4) Non-Excluded Items 
Your item(s) must not fall within the range of Items Excluded from Our Policy.
Note:  If the Seller presents evidence (e.g. registered post) that they have delivered the goods to your address, we may find in favour of the Seller even though you claim that you have not received the items. We will not entertain any requests in change of mind instances. 
Items collected in person or on your behalf, including at a retail point of sale
Event Admission Tickets
(Both soft copy and hard copy)
e.g. concert tickets, theatre tickets, sporting match tickets

Installed Items
e.g. TV, air conditioner and fridge
Digital Goods
Payments for Services
e.g. tuition services and cleaning services 
Payments for Subscriptions
e.g. magazine subscriptions  
Perishable Goods 
Custom-Made Items
Beauty Products
Lingerie, hosiery and underwear
Hygienic Apparels
(e.g. socks, swim trunks and swimwear)
Headphones and earphones
Report your suspicions
 You may then contact us if (a) the Seller did not respond within 5 days; or (b) the Seller responded within 5 days but you still did not receive your item(s) 1 week from the last correspondence. 


XFERS reserves its rights to decide on the appropriate action to take on a case-by-case basis, without reference to previous or existing cases. XFERS has sole and absolute discretion in any case and is not obligated to assume any liability whatsoever for unsatisfactory purchases. XFERS does not provide any assurance on Sellers’ credibility and reliability, and you are required to conduct your own independent research and evaluation of individual Sellers.

XFERS reserves its right to amend this Policy at any time without notice to any party.

This Policy is entirely distinct from the XFERS Terms of Service, and should not be construed as part of our Terms of Service.

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