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Xfers Redirect
Xfers make its easy to accept payments on your ecommerce website. Simply download a plugin and follow the respective tutorials and you are good to go.
Xfers Direct (Tokenize)
Interested in customizing and owning your own payment experience? With Xfers Direct (Tokenize), you can easily accept payments. 
Xfers Plus
Run a marketplace or wallet with Xfers Plus. Manage Xfers account on your platform. It allows for deeper customisation for platforms and marketplaces.
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Getting Started With Testing 

Try Xfers API in minutes. Create your first user, charge, create endpoints and more on our sandbox environment.

Platform SDKs

Not a developer?

In order to customize your user's payment experience, you would need to be a developer or to hire one. However we offer third party plugins for softwares and services. Lacking in developers or technical skills, you can easily install Xfers Redirect with our library of plugins. 

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