Accept Payments

Discover a variety of solutions for accepting payments, from simple plugin installations to SDKs and APIs to build a fully customized bank transfer payment experience. Xfers accept bank transfer, debit and credit card payments. Interested in collaborating with Xfers? Contact us here
Xfers Redirect
Xfers make its easy to accept payments on your ecommerce website. Simply download a plugin and follow the respective tutorials and you are good to go.
Xfers Direct (Tokenize)
Interested in customizing and owning your own payment experience? With Xfers Direct (Tokenize), you can easily accept payments. 
Xfers Connect
Run a marketplace or wallet with Xfers Connect. Manage Xfers account on your platform. Xfers Connect is seamless, built for mobile and platform first.  
See how our APIs offering differ.

General Payment FAQ

Who pays the credit card transaction fee?
We pass the credit card transaction fee to the customer by default. After they have chosen to pay via Credit Card, the transaction fee will be reflected and added on the original price. 
Who pays the bank transfer transaction fee? 
Merchant. Customer transfers original price. We deduct transaction fee from the amount credited into merchant's account.