Kindly note that we no longer offer support for this legacy plugin. Our API and other solutions remain unaffected.
xfers Opencart Integration

1.0 Xfers Opencart Integration

Together with our partner Mokomomo Interactive, we now provide a plugin that integrates Xfers as a payment system in Opencart.

1.1 Pre-requisites

Please ensure that you have an Xfers Merchant account. You can create one here or convert your existing account from here

1.2.1 Get your Xfers Key and Secret from your Xfers Merchant account

Login to your Xfers Merchant account and navigate to Settings -> Account Settings.
Note: Do not share your key and secret with anyone.

1.2.2 Installation

Step 1: Download Xfers Opencart plugin. 
Step 2: Open your Opencart plugins folder.
Step 3: Recursively copy-paste admin and catalog from the downloaded folder to Opencart's folder. 

1.3 Configuration

Step 1: Log back into your Opencart admin panel.
Step 2: Click on Extensions -> Payments.
Step 3: Enter Api Key, Api Secret, Service provider URL and other details and save it. 
Step 4: Save your configurations.

1.4 Live Demo 

Ready to see this live? Head over to to try it out!  

1.5 Problem/Feedbacks 

Need help with your Opencart integration or have an issue with our Opencart plugin? Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

Interested in integrating Xfers?