Kindly note that we no longer offer support for this legacy plugin. Our API and other solutions remain unaffected.
Shopify Xfers Plugin

1.0 Xfers Shopify Integration

We have partnered with Shopify to provide a plugin that integrates Xfers as a payment gateway system in Shopify.

1.1 Pre-requisites

Please ensure that you have an Xfers Merchant account. You can create one here or convert your existing account from here

1.2.1 Get your Xfers Key and Secret from your Xfers Merchant account

Login to your Xfers Merchant account and navigate to Settings -> API Tokens. Generate a token by creating Token via Xfers API V3. 
Note: Do not share your key and secret with anyone.

1.3. Installation

Step 1: Go to . Type in your store name and click install.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the page below after login. Click “Install app”.
Step 3:  Enter your V3 API Key. Select Development for testing and Live when you are ready to go live.

Use for testing api tokens.
Use for live api tokens.
Shopify Plugin Setup
Step 4:  Click "Save changes". You should see the message below if the API key is correct. 
Shopify Records Plugin

1.4 Configuration

Click Settings on the bottom left of the panel. Configure your shop to use Manual payments → Bank Deposit.

Enter in the descriptions shown below "Pay via Xfers".
Shopify Plugin Integration Description
You can go to the “Shipping section” if you want to change the shipping costs.

1.5. User Checkout Flow via Xfers Shopify Plugin

1. Customer gets ready to check out their shopping cart. 
Shopify Shopping Cart 1
2. Customer fills in his information.
Shopify Shopping Cart 2
3. Customer chooses shipping method.
Shopify Shopping Cart 3
4. Customer selects payment method (In our illustration, there is only one payment method - Bank Deposit)
Shopify Shopping Cart 4
Shopify Shopping Cart 5
Finally, your customer will receive this in his email to make payment:
Shopify Shopping Cart 6

1.6 Problem/Feedbacks 

Need help with your Shopify integration or have an issue with our Shopify plugin?

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] to access our invite-only Xfers Integration Google Group. 

Interested in integrating Xfers?