• NOTICE: Xfers will be undergoing a prolonged service disruption to its Maybank account from the 25th of May 2017. Here's an update onthe status.

How Xfers' Core APIs Work?

How do I top up Xfers Wallet?
See http://docs.xfers.io/#get-transfer-info

*Do not save this information in your database for reuse as the banks might change from time to time.
How do I withdraw money to my bank accounts?
How do I check my account information and wallet balance?
How do I check my account activities?
How to manage my bank accounts?
How do I charge others money?
See http://docs.xfers.io/#charges.

They can pay by credit card, bank transfer or from Xfers wallet
How to refund a charge?
How do I transfer money from my Xfers Wallet to other Xfers Wallets/Bank Accounts?
How do I do all of the above, but with other Xfers Accounts that I wish to manage?