Getting Started With Xfers Redirect

Xfers Redirect allows your customers to be redirected to a payment page hosted by Xfers. 

If you would like to integrate Xfers Redirect into your website or product, Xfers Redirect flow can be done using our Charge API end point at

You would have to create a change and indicate in the API that you want your customers to be redirected to the Xfers Checkout page. 
The user pays by going to the checkout_url returned (assuming redirect is set to false). When redirect is true, instead of the JSON response, Xfers will automatically redirect the request to our checkout page.
Our checkout page contains the relevant instructions for the user to login/signup and guides them to make payment. If the user already has an Xfers account with enough balance, we deduct directly from that account.

Not a developer?

We offer third party plugins for softwares and services. Lacking in developers or technical skills, you can easily install Xfers Redirect with our library of plugins. 
Xfers Checkout (Redirect) is a payment gateway which provides ecommerce businesses requiring third-party plugins like Shopify. This requires little to no technical integration.