Payment Gateway for Your Social Media Business

Xfers Payment Link helps you collect payments on any platform,
think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Carousell, Line, Telegram, e-mail and many more...

Multiple Platforms, One Payment Link.

A Payment Solution Without Manual Reconciliation

Internet banking transfer is usually the most affordable payment solution, but it can be such a hassle for the both buyers and sellers. 

Meet Payment Link, your payment solution to manage and scale your online buying and selling. Through our online dashboard, you can get notifications on the status of your buyers' payments.

Spend less time reconciling bank transfers and more time managing your e-commerce business or event.

Payment Collection for Any Platform

Xfers Payment Link

Collect payments wherever your users are, whether on social media (like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), messaging platforms (like Whatsapp, Telegram, Line) or other platforms. 

Payment Link can be used to collect payments in different scenarios, ranging from tickets for events to mass-produced products.

Payment Method without Complications 

Collect payment in 3 easy steps

Step 1. List Your Product or Event

Create an item listing using Payment Link in less than a minute. Upload photos, price and description of your product or event.

Step 2. Share Your Listings

Share your Payment Links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Carousell, Line, Telegram, e-mail, or anywhere. Your users pay securely using Xfers' site.

Step 3. Manage Orders & Transactions

Get notifications on the status of your buyers' payments. Say goodbye to manual verification of bank transfers.

Payments, No Longer Your Weakest Link

Here's What Our Sellers Say

My sales increased by 20% since using Payment Link as my buyers have more payment methods available.
Chris Tan
Founder of Taobao Pooling 
Accepting bank transfers has never been easier with Xfers! We are now able to reach out to more customers and get paid faster.
Su Yuen Chin
Founder of MomoCentral
University Students from NUS uses payment link as a online payment gateway to collect bank transfer payments for their freshmen orientation camps.
'Student leaders can sign up for a Xfers account, verify their account and create a Payment Link in less than 5 minutes.'

Gain Your Buyers' Trust with Buyers' Protection

Close deals with a peace of mind with our accelerated payments verification.
Start selling online today.