Sellers 101: Creating Your Account

STEP 1: 

How To Sign Up And Verify Your Account 

You can sign up for an Xfers account at and enter your details. 
Register Account
Put in the SMS code you have received. You will receive an email to confirm your account. 

After you have confirmed your account. Sign in to Your Xfers account and on the Dashboard click on "Settings → Account Verification"
Or head over to and click on “Verify NRIC”.
Verify NRIC
Fill in details and upload the appropriate documents to verify your account. 
Verification Example
After submitting the information, it will usually take 1-3 business days for your account to be verified and processed. 
STEP 2: 

How To Activate Credit Card Option For Your Buyers 

If you haven't done so, please verify your account in order to enjoy added benefit of offering credit card option for your buyers. 

After you have done so, email us to activate your credit card option


How To Edit Your Account Profile And Settings 

After you have signed in, head over to "Settings - Account Settings".
Account Customize Settings
Upload your Logo under Display Image and fill in your organization’s, merchant's or your name under "Display Name".
Customize Logo
Your Display Picture and Name will be displayed for your customers/users to reference on your Payment Link (See below for illustration). 
Xfers Profile Payment Link

Need any help with your Payment Link?