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  • All-in-one finance suite to power your business operations
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For Singaporean Director
Free incorporation
Government's filing fees worth SGD 315
1 year Unlimited Corporate Secretary
Xfers all-in-one business account
Accounting & bookkeeping
Total Fee
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For Foreign Director
1 year Unlimited Company Secretary Package
1 year Nominee Director
Includes Corp Pass Registration
Annual accounting, bookkeeping, tax services
Xfers all-in-one business account
Multicurrency Accounting, Employment Pass
Total Fee

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Talk to an expert
Salman Akhsan
Director, eBelanja.id
"eBelanja.id chose Xfers for its flexible APIs. It automates payments across the customer journey. This allows eBelanja.id to scale our business while prioritising ease for our customers."
Anggie Setia Ariningsih
COO, TunaiKita (Wecash Indonesia)
"Xfers has been an integral partner in our growth story! It’s been a joy working with Xfers to efficiently disburse funds to our ever-increasing thousands of customers every day."
Praba Komarudin
Country Manager, Gigacover
"Being in a high growth stage, it is very essentials for us to deliver more than we promised to our clients and users. Since we partnered with Xfers, it is never been easier to disburse Gigacover Advance’s request to our users in a timely fashion."
Aprilyana Eka Pratiwi Samosir
Head of Finance, NJ Pulsa
"Xfers with its features is very helpful for NJ PULSA in conducting interbank money transfer transactions with fast, valid and monitored transactions with CS who are on standby in responding to any existing complaints. Xfers is one of the NJ PULSA partners that is guaranteed by having a BI License so there is no need to hesitate to join Xfers."
Co-Founder, Payuni
"Payuni helps anyone build a successful marketplace business. One of our key priority is to build an effective, efficient automatic payment in our system. Working with Xfers team allows us to onboard our customers smoothly, handle marketplace transactions with ease, and grow their businesses."

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