One-stop payments solution for all

Xfers Pay boosts your business with easy payment acceptance, seamless funds transfers and intuitive cashflow tracking.

All at the friendliest rates in the market.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

Licensed Major Payment Institution

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Plug-and-play payments

Plug your business into Singapore’s payment network

Xfers' payments platform allows businesses to plug-and-play into Singapore’s payment networks in days, not months.

Accept payments through PayNow and bank transfers.
Automate reconciliation and cash flow management.

We’re also ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified, just like any other bank or major payment platform.

Save money

The lowest payment processing fees in the market

Accept payments for free. Send payouts at SGD 0.20 each. Flat fees only, no surprises.

Incoming Bank Transfer
Outgoing Bank Transfer
Misc. Fees
Xfers Business
SGD 0.20
SGD 1 - SGD 5
SGD 0.50
Waived till
end 2021
SGD 40/year
Business Growth Account
SGD 0.50
SGD 0.50
SGD 0.20
SGD 10/month
First 60 free,
SGD 0.50 after
SGD 0.50
SGD 0.20
SGD 35/year
HitPay Account
0.8% + SGD 0.20
(via GIRO)
0.8% + SGD 0.30

Note: Waiver of miscellaneous fees (set-up fee and recurring fee) is applicable for selected use-cases and awarded only upon full merchant verification. Accept Payment fee waiver is based on a discretionary timeline.

Kill Paperwork

Less time on paperwork, more time for business

Save time with automating reconciliation, billing and payment reminders. Track your cash flow in real-time.

Payment reconciliation

Know who paid you when, automatically.

Automate billing

Automate recurring payments and send payment reminders with our invoicing tool.

Mass payouts

Pay multiple recipients easily through our dashboard.

Simple accounting

🔥 Coming Soon!

Integrate your accounting tool with our platform to receive payment data in real-time.

Scale fast

Accept payments and scale fast

Scaling your business has never been easier.
Start accepting payments from major payment providers in no time.

Accept payments

Accept payments via PayNow or bank transfer.
Coming soon: credit cards, e-wallets and Apple Pay.

Onboard in 5 mins

Open an account in 5 mins.
Submit your business documents. Let us do the rest.

One Integration

One integration is all it takes for you to access all essential payment methods in Singapore.

No code option

Login to our payments platform to accept payments via payment links and send payouts via payout forms - no code required.

Developer friendly

Integrating with an API?
Our developer documents are easy to understand and apply. Get instant sandbox access: no verification needed for devs.

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We process over

USD 2 billion

every year

Get help

Get the help you
need to grow

We’re not just here to sell you a solution.
We’re here to build a partnership. Get the most out of our payments solution, and grow fast.

Know the market

Tap onto our expertise to navigate the quirks and complexities of Singapore’s payment scene like a pro.

Human support

Like you, we hate robotic support and hold music.
Our support is provided by humans and you’ll hear from us within 1 working day.


Defended by the toughest security in the world

With your accounts protected by our ISO-certified information security management system, you can manage your payments in peace.

ISO 27001: 2013 certified

Our platform is defended by the same stringent security processes adopted by banks and financial institutions around the world.

Hear from our customers

" chose Xfers for its flexible APIs. It automates payments across the customer journey. This allows to scale our business while prioritising ease for our customers."

Salman Akhsan


"Xfers has been an integral partner in our growth story! It’s been a joy working with Xfers to efficiently disburse funds to our ever-increasing thousands of customers every day."

Anggie Setia Ariningsih

COO, TunaiKita (Wecash Indonesia)

"Being in a high growth stage, it is very essentials for us to deliver more than we promised to our clients and users. Since we partnered with Xfers, it is never been easier to disburse Gigacover Advance’s request to our users in a timely fashion."

Praba Komarudin

Country Manager, Gigacover

"Xfers with its features is very helpful for NJ PULSA in conducting interbank money transfer transactions with fast, valid and monitored transactions with CS who are on standby in responding to any existing complaints. Xfers is one of the NJ PULSA partners that is guaranteed by having a BI License so there is no need to hesitate to join Xfers."

Aprilyana Eka Pratiwi Samosir

Head of Finance, NJ Pulsa

"Payuni helps anyone build a successful marketplace business. One of our key priority is to build an effective, efficient automatic payment in our system. Working with Xfers team allows us to onboard our customers smoothly, handle marketplace transactions with ease, and grow their businesses."


Co-Founder, Payuni