Simple, Safe and Speedy Ways to Make and Receive Payments Online

Range of payment options for your personal needs

Personal Products

We offer a choice of payment options for your payment needs

Bank Transfer
Make payment by bank transfer and have your payments automatically verified by merchants within minutes
Xfers Wallet
Fund and make payment from your personal wallet to merchants anytime, anywhere
Credit/Debit Card
Make payment by your credit/debit card to merchants anytime, anywhere

Receive Funds Online

Instantly access funds deposited to your personal wallet from financial and digital businesses and platforms.

✓  Make payments to other Xfers merchants
✓  Withdraw funds from your personal wallet to transfer to your bank account

Protection and Security

The safety of your identity and funds is of utmost importance to us at Xfers. We take great care, in ensuring strict legal and regulatory compliance, adherence to customer due diligence requirements and screening processes, and adopt industry best practices for our E-Wallet facilities to protect and secure businesses and users from theft and fraud.

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