A Payment Gateway for
Bank Transfer and Credit Cards

Introducing Xfers Checkout - Simple, Affordable & Flexible

Simple API Integration
Integrate online payment solution effortlessly into your website with minimal technical knowledge.
Affordable Transaction Rates
Save more with lower transaction rates compared to other gateways from as low as 1% per transaction. 
Flexible Payment Methods
Provide your users with the option of paying with bank transfer and credit/debit card.

Multiple Payment Methods for Your e-Commerce

Localise your users' payment experience to maximise your growth.

Bank Transfers Via Virtual Accounts

Virtual Account
We partnered with UOB to offer virtual accounts for your users to pay via bank transfer. Therefore, transfers will be automatically reconciled in minutes.

Credit or Debit Card 

With Xfers, you can accept online payment using major debit and credit cards from your customers. We partnered with Stripe to support major payment methods such as Visa, American Express and Mastercard.  

Our Online Payment Solutions

Xfer Checkout (Redirect)
Use minimal integration effort by redirecting users from your online business to Xfers and back.
Xfers Checkout (Direct) 
Take full control of the users’ payment experience without redirecting them from your e-Commerce site.

Xfers Checkout (Redirect)

Payment Integration Made Simple

Xfers Checkout (Redirect) is a payment gateway which has provided e-commerce businesses like Airpaz with online payment solution that is simple, affordable and all-in-one, allowing for both bank transfer and credit card payment.
Airpaz, powered by Xfers Checkout (Redirect)
Redirect your users from your website to Xfers' secured payments page.
Monitor your transactions with greater ease on your real-time dashboard.
Integrate payment gateway to your site with minimal technical knowledge.
"Xfers allows Airpaz to offer bank transfer as an alternative low-cost payment method for its buyers."

Third-Party Plugins for Xfers Checkout (Redirect)

Xfers Checkout (Redirect) is a payment gateway which provides ecommerce businesses requiring third-party plugins like Shopify. This requires little to no technical integration.

Xfers Checkout (Direct) 

Online Payment Made Seamless

Xfers Plus is a payment gateway which provide e-commerce businesses like Trezo with online payment processing solution that is simple, affordable and all-in-one, allowing for both bank transfer and credit card payment.
Integrate the payment solution without redirecting your customers from your site.
Customise the UI of your payment checkout flow to suit your needs.
Monitor your transactions with greater ease on your real-time dashboard.

Enterprise-Grade Fraud Detection and Security

Protect yourself with Xfers' secured payment system, identical to those used by Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

  • Monitors potential fraud behaviours and patterns automatically based on data.
  • Blocks a transaction if the fraud risk level is high.
  • Escalates high-risk transactions for monitoring.
  • Encrypts sensitive data so all payments are processed on PCI DSS compliant systems.

e-Commerce Businesses Powered by Xfers Checkout 

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