The stablecoin initiative for Southeast Asia

1 XSGD = 1 SGD

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Why StraitsX?

The future of money is open

  • Frictionless Settlements

    Settle transactions instantly 24/7 in a trusted and secure manner without the need for a 3rd party clearing agent

  • Stable in Value

    Our stablecoins are always convertible at a 1:1 rate against their respective ASEAN currencies on our platform

  • Transparent & Trusted

    Benefit from the combination of the transparency enabled by distributed ledger technology and the trust of a regulated Singapore Major Payment Institution

StraitsX Use-cases

  • Paying

    Use StraitsX tokens to pay for goods and services

  • Trading

    Move value seamlessly between fiat currencies and digital assets

  • Holding

    Full control and access to your funds that are stored securely on the blockchain

  • Lending

    Capture yield by lending your StraitsX tokens out

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StraitsX use-cases for your business

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Token Information


ERC-20 token address: 0x70e8de73ce538da2beed35d14187f6959a8eca96


ZRC-2 token address: zil180v66mlw007ltdv8tq5t240y7upwgf7djklmwh

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StraitsX is a stablecoin initiative spearheaded by Xfers. Our vision is to create the open and trusted, digital financial ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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