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Payments infrastructure for

Digital Assets

Payment infrastructure for

Digital Assets

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What We Offer?

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XSGD is the fully collateralized Singapore Dollar stablecoin.


Xfers Direct

To enable quick bank transfers via the FAST networkfor the customers.


Xfers Wallet

Safely store your customers’ funds directly with us.


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Frictionless Settlements

Settle transactions instantly 24/7 in a trusted and secure manner without the need for a 3rd party clearing agent.

Stable in Value

Our stablecoins are always convertible at a 1:1 rate against their respective ASEAN currencies on our platform.

Transparent & Trusted

Benefit from the combination of the transparency enabled by distributed ledger technology and the trust of a regulated Singapore Major Payment Institution.

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ERC-20 Token Contract


ZRC-2 Token Contract


Why Xfers Wallet?

A Large Existing Userbase

Trusted by over 200,000 individual and business users in Singapore the Xfers Wallet is the gateway to a significant addressable market.


Activate API-connectivity of your Xfers Business Wallet and start collecting, disbursing and reconciling customer funds automatically.

Digital Assets Ready

Built specifically with the needs of Digital Assets users in mind the Xfers Wallets is Digital Assets ready and enables access to dedicated features, such as the XSGD stablecoin.

Why Xfers Direct?


Enabling 24/7 automated settlement within 5 minutes for a real-time payment experience.

Virtual Accounts

Leveraging Virtual Account technology to ensure high transaction success rate and minimise the number of payment instructions.


Operating in the background of your platform Xfers Direct processes customers transactions without requiring them to sign up with Xfers.

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