The future of money is open

is a stablecoin initiative for Southeast Asia.

We imagine a world where, in our region, money flows freely and transparently.

Using distributed ledger technology, we have created digital tokens that represent a 1:1 peg to currencies that speak of home.

1 XSGD = 1 Singapore Dollar

1 XIDR = 1 Indonesian Rupiah

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Who is StraitsX intended for?

  • D

    Digital Assets &

    Better liquidity, at a stable price

    Enjoy better accessibility and greater liquidity, while having the price stability of our regional currencies. A much-needed safe haven for your cryptoexchange or digital assets fund.

  • E


    100% visibility for your consumers

    By adopting our distributed ledger, all transactions are recorded, guaranteed not to be tampered with, and available for public viewing using our blockexplorer. Give your customers a higher level of transparency.

  • F

    Fund Transfers &

    24/7 transfers with minimal slippages

    Say goodbye to spending unnecessary time and fees while going through multiple intermediaries just for a transfer, especially for deals priced in our regional currencies. Make a direct transfer between you and your counterpart -
    anywhere, anytime.

Interested in the above use cases? We’d love to have a chat. Contact us.

Our Technology

  • Zilliqa

    A scalable, secure and decentralized public blockchain platform with smart contract features - the first public blockchain platform to implement sharding, allowing the throughput of the network to scale and support high-velocity use cases.
  • Ethereum

    The most widely-used decentralized public blockchain platform that supports smart contracts. StraitsX stablecoins will follow the ERC-20 protocol, a widely adopted standard for tokens on Ethereum.

Early Members

StraitsX is a stablecoin initiative spearheaded by Xfers.

Our vision is to create the open and trusted, digital financial ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Together with our merchants, our open banking platform processes over USD 150 million every month and is used by over 10 million users.

If we can be of help to you, contact us.