payments for all

Big or small - we believe all businesses should have access to affordable payment solutions.

Start accepting payments for free on Xfers payments platform; pay only when you send payouts. Use our no-code solution or customise your payment workflow with our API solution.

Plus, with automatic reconciliation, accounting headaches are a thing of the past.

Accept payments with

Bank Transfer

Save money

Accept payments with PayNow and bank transfers for free.


Accept payments in days, not months

Automatic reconciliation

Know who paid you immediately.
Automate billing and payment reminders.

How it works

Choose a payment solution that suits your business:

Invoice your customer through payment links that allow your customer to pay via PayNow or bank transfer.

1.  Sign up

Sign up and create an account for free in 5 mins.

2.  Create a Payment Link

Login and create a Payment Link from your dashboard.

3.  Send the link to your customer via chat or email

Copy and paste the link to a messaging or email service.

4.  Get notified

Once your customer has paid, you’ll receive a notification

Integrate using our payment API for a seamless checkout experience on your platform. With API integration, you can customise your payment forms and allow customers to make recurring payments.

1.  Sign up

Sign up and create an account for free in 5 mins.

2.  Access developer sandbox

Login and access 'Sandbox mode' from the dashboard - no verification required. Start designing your integration for both PayNow and Bank Transfers.

3.  Get verified

Submit your business documentation for verification.

4.  Start accepting payments

Your account is now live! Customers can start making payments to you on your application.


Defended by the toughest security in the world

With your accounts protected by our ISO-certified information security management system, you can manage your payments in peace.

ISO 27001: 2013 certified

Our platform is defended by the same stringent security processes adopted by banks and financial institutions around the world.